The Pledge

The S-A-F-E Pledge

For the safety of myself and others when I am a participant* of an in person transaction I will follow the guidelines listed below to ensure we all are S-A-F-E.

____     NEVER GO ALONE!!! Always bring at least 1 other person with you. Advise the other party that you will not be alone and how many people will be with you. Ask how many people you can be expecting to see with them.

____     Meet at a mutually agreed upon Safe Exchange Location. Make sure to meet at a public place during the day and in a very public location.

____     If it sounds too good to be true, it probably is. Don’t be lured into a dangerous situation because you think you are getting a great deal.

____     See/Hear something say something. If you see or hear something that seems dangerous or troublesome, don’t stay silent – reach out and call for help.

____     Always be sure a responsible party knows where you are going. Leave information about your meet time and exact location with someone who is not attending.

____     Never agree to a last-minute change of meeting location. If a location change is necessary use a safe zone locator (ie. Z Safe Spots) to find another mutually agreed upon location. Never agree to go to a private residence. If a change is absolutely necessary wait until another safe location is available. If the other party will not agree – CANCEL THE TRANSACTION.

____     Do not be afraid to cancel. Follow your instincts. If you are unsure or uncomfortable in any way STOP immediately turn around and go home. Call the other party as soon as possible to inform them that you have changed your mind.  DO NOT let them bully you into changing your mind.

____     Help others to be S-A-F-E. Share this Safe Zone information with family, friends and anyone else who buys and sells through on line apps.

I pledge to be S-A-F-E!

I will make Smartly Arranged Friendly Exchanges!

*A participant can be but is not limited to the following:

Buyer, Seller, Witness, 3rd Party (person on phone scheduling meeting) attendee, non-attendee