How You Can Help

Everything we do and everyone we reach is made possible by donors like you. Please continue to support our efforts to keep you and your loved ones safe.


Z Safe wants everyone to take the S-A-F-E Pledge. We will do so by working with Schools, community groups, and churches to hold seminars and events in which the community is provided with details about safety in the modern world of personal transactions.

We prepare literature that is made available to organizations to share with their member during seminars and events. We help to prepare community and school leaders to host and run seminars and events within their area. We provide instructors that run complete events when invited to visit a school, community or church.

Your monetary support of Z Safe Education Inc. is used to help us provide education to individuals in the communities that you live in. We prepare information pamphlets, conduct seminars and host school and church events as a means of promoting the message about safely conduction transactions in today’s unsure world. We also work with businesses and community officials to identify, secure and promote local Z Safe Spots or safe trading locations. When possible, we provide signage and promote security for these locations so that individuals can conduct their transactions without the fear of being robbed, injured or even possibly losing one’s life. We are building an online resource that can be referenced for free by the major online trading resource such as Craigslist, Letgo, OfferUp, Facebook Marketplace and Carousell to provide details on nearby Z Safe Spots so that when conducting a transaction, there is a quick and easy way to find a recognized safe location. We work with local businesses and leaders to identify locations for new Z Safe Spot or safe trading zones. When locations are identified, we help to secure signage for the new location. We then add the locations to the database of Z Safe Spots and other recognized safe trading locations that will be made available through These locations will include location address, longitude and latitude for mapping, safety features at location, hours the location is manned or otherwise attended, verified location contact information and the type of location and supporting Sponsor(s). These locations will be made available by web search or through use of our custom API for integration with online sites and mobile applications.